ʙᴜʏ ʙᴀᴄᴋ ɢᴜᴀʀᴀɴᴛᴇᴇ

Your watch or bag may be accompanied by our Buy Back Guarantee (if advised accordingly), which means that we guarantee to purchase your watch from you for a sum of at least the value stated in your buy back letter (the “Offered Price”) for the period two years following your purchase of the watch or bag from us, subject to the following terms and conditions.

The Buy Back Guarantee is subject to us inspecting your watch and your watch or bag being returned us in good and saleable condition with all associated boxes, paperwork, link(s) and all other components (where applicable), as given to you at sale. Any devaluation as a result of a missing box, paperwork, link(s) and/or components will lead to a deduction from the Offered Price, as determined in our sole discretion. Any servicing or refurbishment work deemed as necessary by us will be deducted from the Offered Price. In particular, we may make deductions from the Offered Price for wear of the bag or watch strap, glass, clasp and other cosmetic damage, as well as normal wear-and-tear and damage caused to your watch or bag by accidents, mishandling, mistreatment or negligence.

In order to maintain your Buy Back Guarantee, you will need to return your watch or bag to us at least once every 2 years from and including the date of purchase so that we may carry out a health check on your watch or cosmetic check your bag (date of purchase means the date that we receive full and cleared funds for the purchase price of your watch or bag). Please note that for the purposes of your free health check or cosmetic check, the earliest date on which we will accept your watch or bag is one (1) calendar month prior to the relevant due date. We will endeavour to send you reminders prior to each health check due date, though are under no obligation to do so and the responsibility of date keeping is ultimately yours.

The Buy Back Guarantee will be invalidated in the event that a third party carries out any tests on your or any work on your bag (including, without limitation, dismantling your watch or bag to carry out an inspection) without our prior knowledge and written consent.

The use of aftermarket components can severely compromise the technical performance, reliability and waterproofness of your watch. Any modification of your watch or bag by the addition or substitution of components by aftermarket products that have not been provided by the manufacturer will invalidate the Buy Back Guarantee.

If your health or cosmetic check reveals any issue with your watch or bag that is covered by our Limited Warranty (please see our Limited Warranties for more information), then we will notify you accordingly and, only on your instruction, carry out our recommended works free of charge. We will not be liable for the costs of any service and/or repair work revealed as necessary following the health check carried out by us if such work is not covered by the terms of our warranty.

Your Buy Back Guarantee is personal to you and is non-transferable. The terms of this Buy Back Guarantee are in addition to your legal rights.