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ᴘᴀᴛᴇᴋ ᴘʜɪʟɪᴘᴘᴇ - ʀɪᴄʜᴀʀᴅ ᴍɪʟʟᴇ - ᴊᴀᴄᴏʙ & ᴄᴏ ᴄᴏɴᴄɪᴇʀɢᴇ

Hermes Kelly

ʜᴇʀᴍès ᴄᴏɴᴄɪᴇʀɢᴇ

Personal Customisation Diamond Setting

ᴊᴇᴡᴇʟʟᴇʀʏ ᴄᴏɴᴄɪᴇʀɢᴇ

We have worked with The Crazy Rich for several years, and value their thoughtful, customized approach to managing our various needs. Their attention to detail and ability to deliver top quality services in a timely manner allows us to enjoy our lives with our family.

Mr. and Mrs. K

I had almost purchased a watch for $55,000 when The Super Rich Team found the same one and negotiated it down to $42,000 for me. Not just content with locating it, they actually also saved me a large amount.”

George Tee

If you want something done right you don't have to do it yourself. The Crazy Rich, privileged to manage their clients' most precious commodity — their time.
Simplify your busy life with the advantages of on-site personal concierge services at a fraction of the cost.

Helen Wu

For those who seek the finest travel and lifestyle experiences money can buy

Dato Sri L